Children Fiction Books Are Always a Favourite Among Kids

Children always live in a utopian world. They like to imagine of things that never existed in real world. These innocent minds easily associate themselves with superheroes and try to replicate them. They always find it interesting to read the stories of the action heroes who with the help of their superpowers fight with the evil. They do not leave any chance to listen to the bed time stories from their grannies who tell them about the tales of the kings and the demons from the past. In the summer or winter breaks they remain glued to their favourite books. It has been seen that teens in their adolescent stage like reading books as it influences their mind from the socio economic context. By reading the books of various genres and the autobiographies of great men, they learn how these people reached the peak of their success in their life and hence they also try to apply the same principles or methodologies. Reading books related to culture also makes them aware of the values and traditions of different cultures. In the category of Children fiction, books of Geronimo Stilton are quite popular among the children. They teach a lot of lessons to the children. Let us take the example of the Secret Agent. In this book the author has tried to teach the audience that every friend is like a treasure and is always there to help the other in times of need. Most of these books also lay stress on the importance of family. Horrible Histories are another set of books that become very popular with the children. The book has also been adapted into a television series. As far as the non-fiction books are concerned, it is very much important in today’s world that the kids should read the books of this genre. Well, the reason for this is that it helps to develop complex thinking. Moreover, reading complicated texts encourages a reader to read a line slowly that will enable him or her to understand a subject properly. On the other hand, research suggests that non- fiction reading should be encouraged among the students in order to reduce the number of school dropouts. Today, both the fiction as well as the non-fiction books has found their space in the book shelves due to their increased popularity not only among the children but also among the youths as well as adults. These books not only generate curiosity inside a readers mind but also take them to a totally different world. Some books are about real life events where as some of them have been crafted in an exaggerated manner to in order to catch the reader’s attention. From a very ancient period authors have always found fiction and non-fiction books to catch the attention of the readers. Moreover, short stories and novels in both these genres are also quite popular. Most of the writers like to read the books of this genre as it help them to improvise their skills and also gain knowledge on a variety of topics.