It is Better to Read a Book Than to Sit Idle

Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” He could not have defined it better. Investing in book is never risky and it always gives us the best returns. It is one of the wisest decisions to purchase a book. A good book is always an Achilles Heel for a book worm. America is the only country in the world where 57 books are bought every second. Some books are read for knowledge where as some of them are read for sheer amusement. We must read books with great enthusiasm every time; merely flipping through the pages for the sake of reading them will not give us any joy. It is necessary to read them with pleasure and enthusiasm. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop but reading a book instead of sitting idle makes the mind active. The idle person never knows when time passed away and at the same time he also gathered a lot of knowledge. As we all know that there are some bad books as well that can totally ruin our character thereby distorting so we should always avoid reading those kinds of books. Rather we should adapt the habit of reading only those books that show us the path of success in life. Well, reading the Biography Books can help us to do so. They are a must for the coming generation as they can take a lot of inspiration from it. It is quite important for the coming generation to understand that how great leaders handled the crisis in their lives and reached to the peak of success. Reading novels and short stories are also a great way of passing the time. As a kid we have often come across with Baba Black sheep and had a conversation with the twinkling little stars. These poetry books have taken us to a whole new world of imagination and have let us discover the unknown lands. Many of them are available online and can be purchased at great discounts and till date they have been released in many online book websites including Scholastic Asia. It is true that internet has made reading quite easier as they can be downloaded at any time, but one can enjoy the true pleasure of reading only when they are read in non technological format that is the pleasure of reading the books in hand is much better. Who can forget the characters of Disney Books that has always fascinated us in our childhood and have made us realized that they are our best friend. Characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck can never be forgotten. Even current generation children are crazy about these characters. As we are moving in to the advanced world day by day many changes are happening around us and many things of the earlier world are getting abolished. However, books will never ever lose their significance. They are a constant source of knowledge and will continue to provide so.