A Trip Through The World of Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidered fabrics are a class in itself. Any fabric’s look can be enhanced and uplifted merely by embroidered work. It can dramatically uplift the look of any dress and add oodles of gorgeousness. There are excellent embroidery fabric retailers like Firefly which has fabulous and mindboggling range of collections. Each embroidered fabric is a beauty of its own and is much in demand. Embroidery can be done in many types of fabrics – each having a unique look. Here are some of the different varieties: 1) Net Fabric: Net is in much demand when it comes to bridal wear and special occasion wear. So we see usage of net in Lehengas and special Salwar Suits in abundance. The look of the net is always enhanced by beautiful embroidered designs which are made in thread or can even be embossed. Additionally there can be fancy stones, gotas which can be added to uplift the entire look and make it look more fetching. One must always buy net fabric from good and reputable Fabric manufacturers for ensuring longevity. 2) Kora Fabric: It is basically a soft textile which looks elegant in itself. Any embroidery done on Kora fabric uplifts the elegance factor. Embroidered fabrics of Kora are comfortable to wear, are elegant and can be stitched into beautiful kurtis or used as sarees. 3) Georgette Fabric: Georgette is soft, light, elegant and the sheer look makes it look extremely sophisticated. Embroidered georgette is a very popular type because being light in itself, the embroidered fabric does not weigh too heavily. These look good as sarees, kurtis and lehengas. 4) Art Silk Fabric: It is perhaps one of the most popularly chosen for kuris and sarees because it gives the fine look of silk and yet is easier for embroidery. Art Silk is not just embroidered but is also embellished quite often to give that perfect royal look. 5) Satin Fabric: Satin in itself is a delicate fabric but embroidered satin is much in demand because it has an ethereal, magical feel to it. Any festival or special functions can be made more special with kurits, lehengas, sarees made of embroidered satin. However the embroidery on satin is best kept light in order to not tamper with the elegance. 6) Jute Fabric: Jute is a very today’s fabric and is much in demand, especially among the youngsters. Embroidered jute looks good because it has a raw, earthy feel with its coarse texture. It goes very well as a fabric for kurtis and a material for sarees. 7) Laces and Borders: In order to enhance the look of anyfabrics there is nothing like laces and borders. Embroidered borders and laces are essential embellishments for wedding sarees, wedding lehengas etc. Laces and border are often used as a combination with embroidered fabrics to create fashionable, gorgeous outfits. Good fabric retailers and wholesalers have choices galore and all one needs to do is to have a look and pick up the one that is best suited for the type of outfit they have in mind. When purchased in bulk, these can be obtained at very low cost. These embroidered beauties are hence much in demand these days and must for every fashion designer, fashion house or anyone who wants to craft out gorgeous dresses using embroidered fabric.