Knowing Fabrics Will Help In Caring For Them In A Better Way

Changing fashion and season determine which fabric to wear and which one not to wear from the huge lot of fabrics that are available at the stores of the Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata, but the right ways to care for those fabrics is critical as the right ways can only keep the clothes in good condition for longer time span. Caring and maintaining your fabrics is not limited to cleaning and washing your clothes but also includes the drying techniques, the right ways to iron the clothes, use of detergents, and the right ways to stack those fabrics or clothes. Here’s All About the Four Most Popularly used Fabrics. Let’s Know these Well:- Cotton: – Different types of fabrics are now available in the market. This makes it important to know the fabric well and read the care label instructions as per the type of cotton fabric. Treatment of the spots with mild detergents works the best for removing stains. Warm, hot, or cold water is good for washing cotton clothes but that too depends on the fabric blend. Keep your cotton clothes away from excessive heat and the direct sun rays to prevent any damage. Cotton shrinks after drying completely so ironing is needed. But cotton clothes should be ironed inside out with high settings as it takes a bit longer to smoothen out the wrinkles on cotton. Linen: – This is one of the most breathable fabrics that can be found at the stores of the reputed Fabric Importers in Kolkata. Linen has the ability to absorb more moisture content during the washing process than the other known fabrics. Because of the fact that linen is prone to wear and tear, so begin the cleaning method after going through the instructions very carefully. Keep the detergent mild and tepid. Do not forget to soak the linen garments in a salt solution prior to washing in order to prevent fading of the color fast. It is a natural fiber that’s why it crumbles easily. Iron linen inside out at hot setting to get the best results. Silk: – Silk is one of the trickiest fabrics. It is delicate and is prone to lose color fast. It tightens up when the right washing techniques are not followed. Hand-washing is always favorable as compared to dry cleaning silk garments. Luke warm water can work the best for this fabric but just be gentle when the silk clothes are damp as the protein structure of silk renders it more delicate. Exercise caution while drying silk clothes and ensure not to tumble dry or wring dry. Silk fabrics should not be left out under the direct sun rays for long hours. It is a strict no to hot-ironing. Instead, ironing at very low-temperature settings can be done. Polyester: – Polyester never shrinks. This fabric can be machine-washed with luke warm water. It is suggested to dry the fabrics on low heat always to prevent permanent wrinkling. It is a bit stiffer as compared to the other fabrics, so make use of fabrics softners prior to the final rinsing process. Polyester has the tendency to burn or melt fast, so do not subject it to hot ironing. Knowing the fabrics well can help in taking the right steps to care for them. Hope this article has been able to help the readers to some extent as the above-mentioned names are the most popularly-used fabrics today.