Tips How to Buy Gold Mangalsutra Online

Nowadays there a wide range of mangalsutra designs in the market which simply has given immense of choices for the buyer. It will be very interesting to look at some of the different mangalsutra design and the Best Mangal sutra design to buy. Here, we will see some of the Best Mangalsutra designs to buy 1. Lightweight and simple gold mangalsutra This lightweight and simple gold mangal sutra is designed looking at the comfort of carrying it. It seems probably this is designed keeping in view the requirement of the working ladies. 22kt gold plated mangalsutra is designed using the small set of pendants designed in a very beautiful way. Gold mangalsutra simply seems to make the trend with many of the woman opting for it. 2. Thickchain Kundan style Pendant mangal sutra The thickchain kundan style pendant is one of the amazing types of mangal sutra which looks simply marvelous with a medium length. Pendant mangal sutra has small stones with the black beaded chain in a circular way and embedded beads are little bigger in size. Gold Pendant mangalsutra looks very outstanding on many of the dress like lehenga choliona, anarkali type dress or any of the sarees. This mangalsutra can simply enhance your look nicely. 3. Floral Designed Pendant set gold mangal sutra The floral designed pendant set gold mangalsutra looks simply nice with a delicate classy look. Floral Designed mangalsutra has beautiful patterns of small black bead and an attractive floral design pendant. These mangalsutra looks very stylish which can be wear on any of the special occasion which can add more glamour to your look. A matching colored dress along with this mangalsutra can give you a stunning look. 4. Black diamond with multiple chains gold mangalsutra This is one of the stunning styled mangal sutra with a little different design. Gold mangal sutra is having a black round bead with several multiple chains in it. The design comprises of hanging black pearls and a black diamond surrounding all-round in the half-moon shaped pendant. This mangal sutra gives a wonderful royal look with a sturdier traditional look. diamond mangalsutra are a little costlier than different other types of mangal sutra. This mangal sutra is specially designed keeping in mind the festival occasions and wedding. 5. Standard gold mangalsutra The standard gold mangalsutra is one of the most used mangal sutra in the south Indian culture. This mangal sutra has fabulous fancy look encapsulating beautiful bead in it. This mangal sutra has a color combination of gold, red and green which can be observed easily. This mangalsutra is a having a half round shape with the black bead hanging all-round in a dazzling way. This mangal sutra can look simply beautiful in any of the dressing patterns.