What Jewellery Should Men Wear?

In the past men have been concerned about wearing jewellery and the perceived negative connotations that could be attached to it. Thankfully, much of the stigma has now gone but there are certainly some forms of jewellery that men should wear and the ones that they would be best avoiding. The key is not to overdo it with men’s jewellery, less is definitely more as there is no getting away from the fact that jewellery is traditionally seen as a woman’s thing. There are of course certain items that are closely associated with men such as cufflinks and tie-bars. That being said, an increasing number of males are now wearing earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, or chains as most men would prefer to refer to them as. What to Wear One of the most common types of jewellery for a man to wear is a wedding ring. This is an item that is suitable for quite literally any situation. However, if you want another ring you should be careful not to overdo it. Men should stick to a maximum of two rings and these should be either a signet ring or a fraternal ring. Naturally watches are fine to wear as too are cufflinks in the right circumstances. A tie-bar also looks impressive in a formal environment but would probably look over the top at a social occasion. Earrings are acceptable but should be kept to subtle but stylish studs as fashions have changed away from drawing too much attention to the ears. Chains or necklaces are certainly acceptable. Classic designs are always popular with solid and curbed linked chains that have a classy, masculine heavy appearance always winning the day. Diamonds are no longer just a girl’s best friend and are becoming increasingly common in quality men’s chains. Finally, quality heavy bracelets in either yellow gold or white gold are also more than acceptable. These demonstrate elegance and sophistication without being over the top and again suit almost any situation and environment. What NOT to wear Of course, to get a full appreciation of what you should wear, you need to know what you should avoid. Definite no no’s are awarded to toe rings, anklets, belly-button piercings and excessive facial piercings. Simply, don’t wear them. They don’t look good, no matter what anyone tells you. Any second glances you receive are much more likely to be along the lines of confusion, rather than approval. Whilst we have said that chains and bracelets are acceptable, cheap looking thin chains or bracelets do not look good. Masculinity is the key to both these items so think about this before diving headlong into a purchase that you may regret further down the line! With men’s jewellery you are not trying to make an overt statement. It should be something that is noticed but that is all. Something too flashy says a lot, however, what it says is usually negative and probably doesn’t portrait the image that you are intending.