Buying Guide For a Commercial Smoker Oven

It would be no exaggeration to state that nothing can be the rich aroma of smoked foods. Smoky flavor tends to enhance the taste of foods especially meat, fish, cheese and some fruits or vegetables. In fact, the whole idea of doing barbecue is to get that rich aroma in food and hence, many restaurants and industries operating in the food industry require a professional smoker oven. While there is no dearth of options available in this category, it is important to pay some careful attention to the available products before planning to get your own smokehouse in place. Finding the right smoker oven As mentioned above, there are quite a few variations available in smoker ovens. When looking for the perfect smokehouse for your commercial kitchen, here is what you should look at: Size: Smoker ovens are available in all sizes. Whether you want a portable countertop model or an elaborate floor model to be installed in your commercial kitchen, you will find something that perfectly meets your requirements. One basic consideration here would be what items you would like to smoke and the size of your operations to determine how big or small smoker oven you should invest in. Portable countertop models are suitable for smoking vegetables and fruits in smaller proportions. These are usually electrical models with pull-out trays. The floor models are quite comprehensive with racks, skewers and hooks. These models are huge and allow you to smoke even a whole lamb in one go. Heat and smoke: Smoker ovens can either be powered by gas or may be electrical. Your choice of the type of smokehouse depends largely on the available options in your kitchen for easier compatibility. Gas smokers are usually manual which means you will need to set the heat level and other such functions manually. The electrical smokers have the option to use preset settings for different recipes and foods. As far as the smoke is concerned, some smoker ovens rely on the smoke produced by the fat drippings while there are others that require sawdust or wood chips to produce a nice smoky aroma to flavor the foods. Based on your preferences, you can take your pick. Special features: There is a variety of other features as well those most commercial smokers have. Cold smoking, for instance, is one such feature that allows you to smoke foods like cheese without cooking it. Then there is another feature by which the smoker ovens have a water pan to ensure that the food stays moist while getting cooked. Some smokers come equipped with smoke timers, which can be a wonderful option to prevent the food from getting over smoked when you are away. Based on the above given considerations, you can find the perfect smoker oven for your requirements if you pay close attention to detail. It is not the price of the equipment that is of significance but the value that it brings to your business that you should essentially consider; that is exactly the case with smoker ovens.