Types of Juicer Machines in India

Juicer Machines A juicer machine, also known as mixer or extractor or squeezer, is a tool which is used to extract juice from fruits, leafy greens, herbs and other types of vegetables in a process called juicing. It grinds squeezes or crushes the juice of the pulp. Types of Juicer Machines One can get a variety of juicer machines at wholesale price only at Toolsvilla such as Manual or Hand Juicer Machine, Semi-automatic commercial machine, automatic commercial juicer machine, Carrot Juicer Machine, Sugarcane Juice Machine, Orange Juice Machine etc. Manual or Hand Press or Hand Juicer Machine is made of the superb quality of aluminium and this product is better in comparison to any other system. This device can Juice almost every fruit items which include orange, grapes, anar (Pomegranate), mosambi (Citrus limetta) etc. weight of this hand juicer would be 5-10kg (as per the different models). Features: Forget About Buying Other machines Because These Kalsi Manual Device Is Made From Superb Quality Of Aluminium And Will Last Years And Years May Be To Your Third Generation If Kept With Secure. This Juicer System Can Juice Almost Every Fruit Items Which Includes Orange, Grapes, Pomegranate, etc. These Kalsi devices can Be Easily Detaches As Ever Screw Has An Plastic Cover For Which You Don’t Require And Wrench To Open And Can Be Easily Wash. This machine is Made Of Good Aluminium And Thus Is Very Better In Comparison To Any Other Juicer And You Can Go On Juicing At Once Without The Waste Being Jammed In The Juicer As You Know That The Plastic Juicer Gets In That Trouble. Semi-automatic Commercial Machine is electric operated single-phase machine which is made of the stainless cabinet. The product is manufactured by Kalsi and this system is ideal for extract juice from fruits like orange, grapes, anar, mosambi, kinnow, pineapple, apple etc. One can use this juicer machine for commercial purpose. Automatic commercial machines are single-phase electric operated fully automated machines. These automatic machines are manufactured by Kalsi and these machines are very much useful for fruits like orange, grapes, Pomegranate, Citrus limetta, Kinnow, Pineapple, Apple etc. Carrot juicer machines are single-phase electrically operated machines which are made of plastic or aluminium (as per the different models). These systems are high on performance and require less energy to operate. Durability, anti-corrosives, reliability and long life service are the main attributes of these Domestic Carrot juicers. Sugarcane juice machines come in electric and manual variants with the different output capacity. These systems are an idea for commercial usage. One can get the sugarcane juice machine from Rs 19,450-87,650 as per the requirements. Orange juice machine is a single-phase electric operated fully automated machine. this juicer can able to extracts 20 fruits per minutes, it is also ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, offices, commercial juice shops, tea and coffee houses, hotels and country clubs etc. After reading this article I hope you get to know about juicer machines, to know more about juicer machines, please follow the link in the below section.