The Evolution And Benefits of Wearing Wooden Clogs

Shoes made from wood are the most authentic and well-known products from Holland. Dutch clogs are an intrinsic part of the Dutch culture. Historically speaking, the wooden shoe became so popular that each region in the Netherlands designed its own model which was distinct from the rest. Clogs were usually worn when doing laborious work and were shaped accordingly. Some had rounded edges while fishermen often wore wooden shoes which had pointed toes which helped them in pulling their nets. History of Wooden Clogs The first clogs were created more than eight centuries ago. The oldest wooden shoe was found in Nieuwendijk in southern Holland, sometime in the 13th century. It was made from alder wood. However, this is only an estimate and the exact date still remains unclear as wooden clogs, once worn-out, were burned in fireplaces. Wooden Clogs for Sale Today These days, wooden clogs has undergone a revival of sorts, which is why people look forward to buying wooden clogs on sale. Of late, they have become so popular that a number of contemporary designers such as Louis Vuitton and Viktor and Rolf have featured these wooden shoes in their recent collections. Medical Benefits of Wooden Clogs for Sale There are many people who do not wear wooden shoes. This is because people don’t know the benefits which they provide including allowing the feet enough room to breathe so that wearer feels comfortable the entire day However, clogs are worn as a form of protective footwear in agriculture, mines and industrial facilities. Owing to their strength and durability, wooden clogs for sale have been certified by the European Union as safety shoes. Choosing the Right Wooden Clogs for Sale Ensure that the footbeds of these shoes are long enough to fit the feet perfectly, especially when choosing one with an open heel. They should be tried on late in the day. This is because feet tend to swell during the day. This will help in choosing a pair which will fit your feet any time of the day. Ensure that the toe box of the wooden clog for sale you buy is wide and comfortable. This will provide enough room for your toes to wiggle. The wooden clog chosen must have high-quality leather as it is healthier for the feet as opposed to synthetic materials used in inferior quality footwear. Natural leather is also breathable and adapts according to the shape of the feet. Wooden clogs on sale should have insoles made of wood. It allows the clog to cushion the feet while allowing perspiration to evaporate. This not only keeps the feet dry but also provides the best arch support. Such wooden clogs have better weight distribution which prevents blisters and uncomfortable pressure points.