Berg Trampolines

Trampolines house and yard were always known much pleasure they caused to customers and especially children of all ages, who enjoy hours on participation in sports is doubtful whether it would engage intensively if it were not so nice, but BERG trampolines of Berg FAVORIT are another story. Comparison of this model will be similar to others comparing brands like SONY or Nike Air Lmotzrm relatively lesser of competing companies, and for good reason. Dutch Berg is not only manufactures its products, it makes sure they are really the best, safest, and which will provide maximum enjoyment to each child. Want to know the secret of Berg? Below is a brief review BERG trampolines data FAVORIT. Trampolines are safe and protected within the Standard Dutch Trampolines were health and safety tests approved by the Dutch Standards Institute, and regulatory institutions of the European Union. As part of the tests placed them heavy weights especially coming up to 970 pounds, and looked at the survival trampolines. Body leap survived, and can continue to jump on it as usual. The success of the tests passed on because of the quality components of trampolines manufactured Berg: First of all – network defense managed to stop the Heavyweights, made of strong fabrics and very tall. Second, trampoline springs made entirely of zinc, and built for carrying weights over 50 pounds. Quality Leap – over any competitor Jump trampolines, allowing for very easy without running unnecessary muscular effort and felt in the legs. It also made possible thanks to the Goldspring + spring special, carefully selected BERG FAVORIT models. As imports of these products have been seen jumping trampolines of competitors from the Far East, and in large part the child is required to run a relatively large force to reach medium height. Jumping on trampolines manufactured by Berg – a slight jump and can rise up without any difficulty – and land without damaging the knees. Choosing Trampolines Our recommendation is to choose Trampolines based on two parameters: the amount of pop-up do pay them, and the volume of space Lhtzbtn trampolines convenience of users. Based on this data you can choose the model diameter 2.7 m, 3.3 m, 3.8 m or- 4.3 m.