Changing Shopping Patterns

With the growth of the Indian middle class, there has been an exponential rise in the purchasing power of the people. The last couple of decades has seen an increase in the disposable incomes of the people and consequently the spending patterns of the people in India have been changing. The last generation used to focus on frugality and savings with very little money being spent on luxuries and indulgences. But with the boom in the economy in the late 90s, more and more young people began to spend money more easily. The focus shifted from saving for the future to the instant gratification in the here and now. People began to spend on clothes, shoes, perfumes and other items of personal use. It was not only the disposable incomes but the availability of the goods that changed the spending patterns. The latest gadgets, consumer goods and the personal products became available at the high end stores. With the opening of the malls, the big brand stores opened up. Indulging to their heart’s content Young men and women, who could afford it, began to indulge their children in ways never done before. Large toy brands became available in India and the market for kids toys flourished. Little ones were spoilt for choice as they shopped to their heart’s content for the latest and the most exciting and the most colourful toys and games. The parents and children have now found their fantasies come true as they find that they can now buy any of these indulgences online. Just typing in the words ‘online kids toys’ in the search engines throws up the latest toys from all over the world, And equally vast is the field for ‘online kids toys India.’ The number of domains that are catering to children’s needs are innumerable. People seem to have taken to online shopping, just as empathically as they did to shopping in the malls and in the trendy stores. Kids shopping for kids toys online In fact, online shopping in India has been growing so fast that it is the fastest growing sector in the Indian market. And the largest space is occupied by children and the kids toys. The new generation of people who were the youngsters who benefitted from the opening up of the Indian markets in terms of jobs and lifestyle changes in the last 15-20 years are now the new parents and they are looking to indulge their children as never before. The young ones have it really good. The latest clothes, toys, and gadgets… now all available just a click away! In fact, the little generation is learning really early to shop online. And they are having a blast! Checking out online for kids toys! And they are being watched by doting parents as they do so. After all, online shopping is the way to go! With one of the largest markets for toys, can online kids toys in India not be the star of the show!