Getting Back to Tradition For The Holidays

Playstation. Xbox. Playstation. Xbox. What ever happened to gifts with personality and innocence? They’ve always been out there, but almost forgotten over the rush to get that last $300 game console. But through all the video game hoopla, the fact remains that young children always love huggable toys. Just like in the good old days, a huggable plush elf toy is a welcome addition to the holiday cheer. An elf toy carries the lore and wonder of the holiday season. All children know about Santa’s Elves, but do they know that after working in Santa’s workshop, elves like to relax in a rocking chair, or take a spin in their cars? Plush elf toys can come with accessories so that children can enjoy playing with them more and they are so soft that they can even sleep with them at night. The accessories are built from quality materials, and provide a number of situations for him. Among the many choices of accessories, your elf can have a bed, a blanket, a sled for snowy days, and even a pet puppy! During the following years, a child could give and receive gifts from his or her Christmas friend. But a plush elf toy isn’t only for children. They fit in perfectly with holiday decorations. On the mantle, in the foyer, or on your desk at the office, a sweet cuddly elf doll is sure to bring a smile and add to the magic of the season. There are many different types of plush elf dolls out there, with so many variations that one could feasibly have them all over the house, and there would be cuteness around every corner! What else to add holiday cheer than one of Santa Claus’ right-hand elves? Durable enough to wash (or bathe, for the youngsters playing ‘bathtime’), yet the fluffy plush softness always returns. There is something so special about a handmade toy. I’ve seen the dolls from The Elf Workshoppe and was impressed with the quality. The faces are friendly and smiling warmly. It was obvious that a lot of skill went into making them. So, this holiday season, add an elf or two to your office, home, or under the tree as a gift! Good tidings and cheer to you all!