Why Stress Balls should be Your Next Promotional Gift?

A promotional gift has to be decided after researching and comprehending the current need, interest, and taste of the target demographic. The more people will be impressed by a gift, the better it would be for your campaign. Stress balls apparently fulfil all the aspects of a perfect promotional gift. Here is why. 1. This is relevant in this time As American Psychological Association has diagnosed and declared that stress is a key player triggering several diseases and health issues, and everything that help people deal with it should be great gifts for all. Excessive stress adds to the heart problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, and obesity. Not only physical health, but mental health is also disrupted with growing anxiety. The researchers blame stressed minds for maximum relationship failures. Considering the cut throat competition in the market and hectic lifestyle, it is unlikely that stress will be any less in upcoming years. The situation itself makes promotional stress balls an ideal solution. 2. Easy solution for unwanted stress build-up Every time there is a heated situation of intense discussion, tough decision making, or argument, we start feeling anxiety rising right inside our head. There are multiple ways to take control over hyper tension. As per doctors, a healthy living is necessary for a stress-free life i.e. sufficient rest, eight-hours-long sleep, balanced diet, and exercise. However, the biggest drawback with this is that most of the people suffering from stress related problems won’t have time to go for any of these activities. Brain stress balls however take no extra effort to release stress. Just gripping it in your hand and squeezing the ball repeatedly would do the trick. The action of putting and releasing pressure secretes natural sedative that relaxes you almost instantly. 3. Satisfy multidirectional demographic Current studies are busting the myth that only IT people become victim of stress. People from different demographics could be affected as well. Often students, especially college-goers students would be facing stress while managing study, assignment, part-time jobs etc. Even home makers can face the same. As per the researches, people with less income suffer from anxiety the most. This actually provides you with extended target audiences whom you can attract as well as impress with your gift. Along with the promotional activities, this tiny ball would convey your concern for the potential customers. This creates a positive image for your brand. 4. It’s helpful, useful, and desired Generally people think a promotional gift is basically a gift of no use that is primarily made to flash the company logo. However, the modern insight of marketing and brand building is brushing off the old-school ideas. Introduction of internet has made it a point that a campaign must be done with a useful product that has a real impact on people’s life. Promotional stress balls with its prime utility are a desired gift to numerous people. 5. Cheap, customizable item Though immensely popular and effective, stress relief balls are cheap and easy available item that can be afforded even by small start-up businesses. One can simply find it online and purchase it in bulk. These balls can then be customized with company name, logo, or messages.